Triple Screen MNTrader

The Triple Screen MNTrader strategy is a fully automated trading system. Trading is based on Alexander Elder’s three-screen strategy, using three charts in the analysis to determine the market trend. A filtering system based on the higher timeframes. An improved position support system with flexible settings will improve trading results. Suitable for all futures and Forex trading instruments. It can also be used on other types of instruments, such as CFDs.

Three types of entry orders - by market, pending stop and limit market
Closing after a number of bars
Virtual stop loss and profit target
Five types of profit target strategy
Four types of stop loss strategy
Three types of trailing stop strategy
Short and long cut-off
Calculation of the profit target depending on the risk of reward
Ability to work double order with different profit targets
Аbility to disable any day from trading
Triple Screen MNTrader automated trading system
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