Pattern MNTrader




Pattern MNTrader futures auto tradebot is a fully automated trading system.

Trading is based on trading patterns, support and resistance lines, Fibonacci lines and trend lines.

This unique combination of tools creates an innovative system of support positions with flexible settings.

Pattern MNTrader Futures Trading System Features

  • Six input signals
  • Three types of entry orders – by market, pending stop and limit market
  • Closing after a number of bars
  • Virtual stop loss and profit target
  • Five types of profit target strategy
  • Four types of stop loss strategy
  • Three types of trailing stop strategy
  • Short and long cut-off
  • Calculation of the profit target depending on the risk of reward
  • Ability to work in a double contract with different profit targets
  • Аbility to disable any day from trading

Additional information

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Lifetime, 7-day Trial access